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The Paralegal

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Why Unik credit

With a paralegal, you get the law on your side, without spending a fortune in legal fees.

It happens all too often. Having finally settled an overdue account, a business finds that what’s left is either worth a fraction of its original value, or worse, it was irretrievable due to a legal technicality.

You can’t afford a single mistake in the collection process, yet there’s a reason our clients have been trusting us with their business since 1975! Our employees are expert collection agents with the experience, expertise and tools to make sure you get paid.

Even if a collection needs to go to Court, our paralegal team provides the support you need for a swift, successful settlement. Unlike some other agencies, we don’t outsource our legal cases, which helps keep costs down.

Paralegal services often deliver collections faster…
and with less fuss!

Since 2008, only lawyers and paralegals licensed by the LSUC may proceed with legal action or represent a litigant in small claims court.

UCM’s senior employees are trained paralegals, licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Without sound legal advice, you could end up unable to collect monies owed to you, with hefty legal fees for your troubles.

Our commissions are reasonable, and in most cases, tied to your case’s results. And given that many of our competitors either do not have paralegals on staff, the difference is clear.

That’s what makes us Unik!

Our Credentials

Unik Credit Management: Licensed and bonded collection agency, staffed by professionals respectful of the Collection Agency Act.

Nothing is more important than trust when you’re outsourcing company finances. UCM is bonded to both you as a client and to the Ontario Provincial Government’s Collection Agency Act, the law ensuring your money is always secure.

We conduct our business with due respect for every person or business we collect monies from. It’s important to us that each account is treated with the utmost professionalism, and ends in legal action only when absolutely necessary.

Do you have a specific question about your account(s)?

Call us today at 1-800-463-9692 or e-mail us directly via our contact form. We promise to get back to you within one working day!


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You have been absolutely amazing to deal with and I really wanted to thank you for all your help over the past 2 seasons with Collections. I can honestly say both your company and yourself have greatly impressed me. You have created a stellar relationship with our business and I am looking forward to continuing it for many more years to come!

Erin, Accounts Receivable Manager
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club

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Professionalism is very important to our firm, which is why, along with being very satisfied with their high rate of recovery for our delinquent accounts, we find UCM (Unik Credit Management)’s approach, recommendations, effectiveness and professionalism in handling these matters to be most appropriate and cost effective to our firm.

Director of Administration
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

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Unik’s representatives are well-trained and provide excellent follow up with our accounts. We certainly appreciate the easy and simplicity of transferring clients’ debts to Unik. Unik’s staff is respectful of the relationship that we have had with our clients while at the same time they are very successful at recovering past debts.

Darlene MacInnis , Office Manager
Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

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Our best move was switching over to UCM (Unik Credit Management) for our collection services.
My personal experience with them shows that they really know their way around court/legal representation and it clearly reflects on their recovery rate, which is much better than what we were getting from our previous collection agency.

Credit Manager
Surgenor National Leasing / Hertz Rentals

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We were referred to UCM (Unik Credit Management) and switched over to them after not being too pleased with the rate of recovery we had with a national collection agency. UCM.’s rate of success surpassed our recovery expectations; they even had a high rate of recovery on accounts that had previously been assigned to the national collection agency.

Director of Student Loans
Federation des Caisses Populaire

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